'Hang on to nature' accessories

{Hang on to nature - rings}
I like to collect those glass, stones, ceramics, branches, fruits, metal, coral and shells at the beach, after years of wear and tear by sea erosion, a primitive beauty is shown on their appearance.  These rings are the assemblage of vintage rhinestone, wooden or iridescent beads, glass crystals, buttons together with my treasure brought from the beach, they are special, unique and one of the kind.

{Hang on to nature - necklace}
hang the nature to your body

{Hang on to nature - brooch}
hang the nature to your body - fond of rotten wood, fond of branches, fond of dry leaves, fond of butterfly, fond of the round, fond of a little orange, fond of hang on to nature ....喜歡爛木,喜歡樹枝,喜歡枯葉,喜歡蝴蝶,喜歡圓形,喜歡一點的橘色,喜歡把自然掛在身上,喜歡,很喜歡....

{Hang on to nature - hair accessory}
hair accessory for a bun, I appreciate the old style lady who like to wear the beautiful hair pin attached on their bun, most of the hair accessories are silver or jade, but I prefer the natural materials such as wood with some upcycled materials

{Hang on to nature - lucky bags}
the wood and leaf through the sunshine and sea washed, just like a blessing from the nature, a gift to my friends

{Hang on to nature - 'junk'collection - rings and brooch}
an assemblage of the daily livings stuff (credit card, expired tag, magazines, promotion leaflet, pins, buttons, coke cover) and funny little things such as bee, black rose, butterfly, little black bow, little bear bear but in romantic form